Motley Crue Award

The City of West Hollywood has announced that Thursday, August 18, 2011 will be declared Motley Crue Day in West Hollywood. In addition, Motley Crue will be honored as the 2011 recipients of the “Elmer Valentine Award” for their contributions to the history of The Sunset Strip. The invitation-only award ceremony will begin at 7 p.m. at the House of Blues and kick off the fourth annual Sunset Strip Music Festival, a three-day celebration of music held along the iconic 1.6 mile stretch of Sunset Boulevard on Thursday, August 18, 2011 through Saturday, August 20, 2011.

“So many of us native Angelenos consider Motley Crue to be our ‘home boys,’” said West Hollywood Mayor John Duran. “It will be an honor to recognize the ‘Saints of Los Angeles’ in our hometown and thank them for the incredible contribution they made to hard rock, glam and Southern California music,” continued Mayor Duran.

Motley Crue got their start on The Sunset Strip, as they performed many nights at the Whisky A Go-Go and The Roxy Theatre. The band also filmed their “Kickstart My Heart” video at the Whisky and for a while lived just up the street from the venue on Clark Street, making The Sunset Strip their official home.

“Bursting onto the scene in the early ’80s with a sound and style that blended punk, glam and heavy metal, Motley Crue helped re-establish The Sunset Strip as one of the top music destinations in the world,” says SSMF Executive Director Todd Steadman. “The band has forever left their mark on the music industry and The Sunset Strip, and we’re looking forward to celebrating their influence and bringing their spirited energy to this year’s tribute event.”

Och vem lyckas om inte min bäste kill polare Tommy
att vara där och hamna på bild på Tommy Lees twitter sida,
jag e grymmmmt avis men glad för din skull att du är där !

Själv e jag glad för att det är helg och jag fick hem denna promo cdn idag....


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