DISTURBED 30/4 Stockholm Annexet

Fantastiskt bra konsert !

Stockholm i slutet av April

Tim & Zikkan 

Nya Crue saker det mesta köpt i Usa


Usa del 30 Tack för denna gång !

Tills vi möts igen älskade stad , city of sins, city of angels !
Don't you say, it's crazy, you don't know a thing
Just wait until we're going down in flames
We are, we are the saints, we signed our life away
Doesn't matter what you think, we're gonna do it anyway
We are, we are the saints, one day you will confess
And pray to the saints of Los Angeles / Mötley Crüe

Usa del 29 VINCE NEIL 7/4-19

Vi var där när Vince kom men han gick direkt in till stället !!
Vince Bil
inte min setlist men kvällens :) 

Usa del 28


Usa del 27 JOHN 5

John 5 på Whiskey a go go med gästartister ...
Shavo Odadjian, Michael Anthony, Corey Taylor & Fred Coury.
Rob Zombie var i publiken denna kväll !!!

Season of the Witch

This Is My Rifle
(John 5 cover)

Six Hundred and Sixty Six Pickers in Hell, CA
(John 5 cover)

Crank It

Hell Haw I.G.R.


Here's to the Crazy Ones

First Victim
(John 5 cover)

The Black Grass Plague


Behind the Nut Love
(John 5 cover) (preceded by Nut Jam)

Mando Jam

Beat It
(Michael Jackson cover) (with Shavo Odadjian)

Runnin' With the Devil
(Van Halen cover) (with Michael Anthony) (with Corey Taylor & Fred Coury)

Take Your Whiskey Home
(Van Halen cover) (with Michael Anthony) (with Corey Taylor & Fred Coury)

You Really Got Me
(The Kinks cover) (with Michael Anthony)


I Am John 5

Usa del 26

The place where Nikki Sixx died for 2 minutes

Usa del 25 ANVIL

ANVIL At the whiskey a go go 
Don Jamieson from That Metal show

Usa del 24

Tillbaka vid Crue´s gamla lya

Usa del 23 VINCE NEIL

The Canyon Santa Clarita 4 April

Usa del 22


Usa del 21


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