Kan det vara sant .....Crüe till U.K i december !!!

It's the tour that rock fans have been waiting for! Def Leppard, Motley Crue and Steel Panther could be on their way to UK venues this Winter, with a co-headline tour possibly in the pipeline for December.
The mouthwatering prospect was talked about on Rock Radio this morning, with the radio station revealing that more details were to follow. Although this was all that was said, the news has sent fans into a frenzy looking for more information on what would be one of the biggest rock tours of the year.
The last twelve months have seen all three bands busy with touring and recording and a UK tour from each has been rumoured for a while. Def Leppard recently released their first ever live album 'Mirror Ball' and played a storming headline set at June's UK Download festival,
Motley Crue have been busy touring the US with Poison
and Steel Panther have been working on a new studio album.
So all three bands have good reason to hit the UK live stage soon!

Postat av: moa

WOW! Hoppas de har vägana förbi Sverige då, ehehe : D

2011-08-22 @ 22:15:57
URL: http://moathemoses.blogg.se/
Postat av: Ulrica F

Håller tummarna så att de blir blå att de ska packa ner turnen och komma till svedala!

Då blir det front row left, klädd i vitt ;)

2011-08-25 @ 21:59:41

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